Saturday, June 29, 2013

i should go

have you ever wanted to climb a tree
chain link fence
and scream until your cheeks are flushed and your hair is a rats nest and your vocal chords feel like they're bleeding but you just keep  
s c r e a m i n g
because you think it is good
it will help
you want to hope with all your shriveled heart that the sound waves will sweep up upon the shore of your angry anxieties and wash it away into the changing tide
you scream because you want to see the bubbles blossoming from your mouth
like to imagine them popping when the reach surface
giving voice to the troubles that have nested within your head
have you ever wanted to run for the sake of  l e a v i n g
for abandoning poisonous people and their problems
for the feeling of burnt-asphalt-heels
for the hell of it
have you ever seen the sun beat down on your neck
and think "I could do so much"
have you ever realized
alone in a sunny town
that there is nothing stopping you
you could climb that fence
you could give that scream
you could run to the beach 
you could steal a car
you could drive and drive and drive
change your name
your face
your hair
could leave for anywhere
you could be different
there is nothing stopping you from turning off this computer
from leaving these screens
from taking $20 in one hand a roadmap in the other
and running not out of cruelty
but rather

for the hell of it